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USA Flag SV Doodlebug is in the USA!!!

On March 16, 2009 at 0945 hours, DoodleBug crossed her outbound track, where at 1015 hours on 3rd. July, 2003, she had passed the end of the same breakwater,before turning then towards Key West. We have done it! We have sailed all the way around the world!




February 5th 2010

At last! Latitudes and Attitudes sailing magazine published our article entitled, "Guns, Coconuts and Pirates". It is in their March, 2010 "13th. Anniversary" edition, pages 55 through 60. This article was originally supposed to make the November, 2008 issue and we had almost forgotten that it was hangin' somewhere in magazine limbo. Nevertheless we are excited to see our tale in print and hope you enjoy it too. The article is reproduced here in Adobe .pdf file format. Lats and Atts Article




July 3rd 2009

I have just finished (finally!!) adding pictures to the 2009 trip logs. Below is the list of ports that we visited during our circumnavigation. 


                        SV DoodleBug Ports of Call

Arrived               Port Departed
  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 7/3/2003
7/4/2003 Key West, Florida, USA  7/5/2003
7/11/2003 Corpus Christi, Texas, USA 8/7/2003
8/9/2003 Kemah, Texas, USA 9/20/2003
9/21/2003 Port Aransas, Texas, USA 9/24/2003
9/25/2003 Kemah, Texas, USA 12/30/2003
1/5/2004 Isla Mujeres, MEXICO 1/13/2004
1/15/2004 Georgetown, CAYMAN 1/27/2004
2/1/2004 Colon, PANAMA 2/6/2004
2/7/2004 Balboa, PANAMA 2/15/2004
2/21/2004 Cristobal, GALAPAGOS 2/28/2004
2/29/2004 Santa Cruz, GALAPAGOS 3/5/2004
3/5/2004 Isabella, GALAPAGOS 3/11/2004
3/30/2004 Fatu Hiva, MARQUESAS 4/1/2004
4/1/2004 Hiva Oa, MARQUESAS 4/6/2004
4/6/2004 Tahuata, MARQUESAS  4/9/2004
4/9/2004 Ua Pou, MARQUESAS  4/14/2004
4/14/2004 Nuku Hiva, MARQUESAS 4/18/2004
4/22/2004 Ahe, TUAMOTUS 4/30/2004
5/1/2005 Rangiroa, TUAMOTUS  5/8/2004
5/9/2004 Papeete, SOCIETIES 6/3/2004
6/3/2004 Moorea, SOCIETIES 6/7/2004
6/8/2004 Huahine, SOCIETIES 6/12/2004
6/12/2004 Raiatea, SOCIETIES 7/2/2004
7/2/2004 Tahaa, SOCIETIES 7/3/2004
7/3/2004 Bora Bora, SOCIETIES 7/11/2004
7/15/2004 Penrhyn Island, COOKS 7/22/2004
7/25/2004 Suwarrow Atoll, COOKS 7/30/2004
8/2/2004 Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA 8/15/2004
8/16/2004 Apia, WEST SAMOA 9/8/2004
9/9/2004 Nuiatpoutapu, TONGA 9/17/2004
9/18/2004 Vavau, TONGA 10/8/2004
10/10/2004 Ha’ Ano, TONGA 10/12/2004
10/12/2004 Ha’ Afeva, TONGA 10/15/2004
10/15/2004 Atata , TONGA 10/16/2004
10/16/2004 Pangaimotu Island, TONGA 10/21/2004
10/27/2004 Opua, NZ 11/2/2004
11/2/2004 Tutukaka, NZ 11/3/2004
11/3/2004 Whangerei, NZ  
  Whangerei, NZ 5/7/2005
5/9/2005 Opua, NZ  5/23/2005
5/31/2005 Savusavu, FIJI 7/11/2005
8/10/2005 Lautoka, FIJI 8/11/2005
8/15/2005 Port Resolution, TANNA 8/20/2005
9/11/2005  Port Vila, EFATE 9/17/2005
9/18/2005  We, ISLE LIFOU  9/17/2005
9/23/2005 Noumea, NEW CALEDONIA 10/4/2005
10/10/2005 Bundaberg, AUSTRALIA  
  Bundaberg, AUSTRALIA 3/28/2006
5/12/2006 Darwin, AUSTRALIA 9/4/2006
9/13/2006 Bali, INDONESIA 10/1//2006
10/4/2006 Christmas Island 10/10/2006
10/13/2006 Cocos Keeling Island 10/21/2006
10/30/2006 Salomon Island, CHAGOS 11/16/2006
11/18/2006  Addu, MALDIVES 11/22/2006
11/24/2006 Male’, MALDIVES 11/28/2006
11/29/2006 Uligamu, MALDIVES 12/1/2006
12/9/2006 Salalah, OMAN 12/14/2006
12/18/2006 DJIBOUTI  12/21/2006
12/24/2006 Massawa, ERITREA 12/31/2006
1/12/2007 Port Ghalib, EGYPT  
  Port Ghalib, EGYPT 8/10/2007
8/16/2007  Port Suez, EGYPT 8/18/2007
8/21/2007 Ashkelon, ISRAEL 9/10/2007
9/11/2007 Limassol, CYPRUS 9/17/2007
9/18/2007 Finike, TURKEY 9/21/2007
10/4/2007 Marmaris, TURKEY  
  Marmaris, TURKEY 4/23/2008
4/23/2008 Simi, GREECE  4/27/2008
4/27/2008 Khalki, GREECE 4/28/2008
4/28/2008 Limon Fri, Kassos, GREECE 5/1/2008
5/13/2008 Agios Nikolaos, CRETE 5/22/2008
5/28/2008 Valetta, MALTA 6/5/2008
6/5/2008 Siracusa, SICILY 6/8/2008
6/6/2008 Riposto, SICILY 6/8/2008
6/8/2008  Vibo Valentia, ITALY 6/9/2008
6/11/2008 Salerno, ITALY 6/15/2008
6/17/2008 Bonifacio, CORSICA 6/19/2008
6/20/2008 Calvi, CORSICA 6/26/2008
6/28/2008 Puerta de Mahon, MENORCA 6/29/2008
6/29/2008 Cala Fornells, MENORCA 7/1/2008
7/1/2008 Port Colom, MALLORCA 7/3/2008
7/4/2008 Ensenada del Cabrito, FORMENTERA 7/6/2008
7/7/2008 Cartagena, SPAIN 7/9/2008
7/10/2008 GIBRALTAR 7/17/2008
7/20/2008 Puerto Calero, LANZAROTE  
  Puerto Calero, LANZAROTE 11/24/2008
11/30/2008 Porto Grande, ILHA SAO VICENTE 12/3/2008
12/18/2008 Port Elizabeth, BEQUIA 12/28/2008
12/28/2008 Wallilabou, ST. VINCENT 12/29/2008
12/29/2008 Marigot Bay, ST. LUCIA 12/30/2008
12/30/2008 Rodney Bay, ST. LUCIA 1/22/2009
1/22/2009 Port Marin, MARTINIQUE 1/26/2009
1/26/2009 Trois Islets, MARTINIQUE 1/27/2009
1/27/2009 Fort de France, MARTINIQUE 1/31/2009
2/1/2009 Terre-en-Haut, ILES DES SAINTES 2/4/2009
2/4/2009 Point a Pitre, GUADELOUPE 2/7/2009
2/7/2009 Deshaies, GUADELOUPE 2/8/2009
2/8/2009 Charlestown, NEVIS 2/9/2009
2/9/2009 Basseterre, ST. KITTS 2/14/2009
2/14/2009 Road Bay, ANGUILLA 2/16/2009
2/16/2009 Spanish Town, VIRGIN GORDA 2/18/2009
2/18/2009 Road Town, TORTOLA 2/21/2009
2/21/2009 Charlotte Amalie, ST. THOMAS  2/23/2009
2/23/2009 San Juan, PUERTO RICO 2/27/2009
3/1/2009 Cockburn Harbour, SOUTH CAICOS 3/4/2009
3/4/2009 Sapodilla bay, PROVIDENCIALE  3/7/2009
3/7/2009 West Caicos Marina, WEST CAICOS 3/8/2009
3/8/2009 Abraham’s Bay, MAYAGUANA 3/9/2009
3/9/2009 Attwood Harbor, LADY SLIPPER CAY 3/10/2009
3/10/2009 Clarence Town, LONG ISLAND 3/12/2009
3/12/2009 West Bay, CONCEPTION ISLAND 3/13/2009
3/13/2009 West Bay, LITTLE SAN SALVADOR 3/14/2009
3/16/2009 Fort Lauderdale, USA 3/17/2009
3/17/2009 Fort Pierce, USA  


June 16, 2009

Today I can announce that we have officially sold DoodleBug. Thank you Kim Korman! DoodleBug has been renamed and we wish the new owners, "Safe Sailing and Fair Winds".


April 8, 2009

As I write this, we have just arrived in Santa Fe, it is snowing heavily and are sitting amongst a sea of cardboard boxes. The past three weeks was spent in a flurry of activity following our arrival in Fort Pierce as we have both cleaned DB and removed our personal effects. We have sadly decided to put DoodleBug up for adoption and she is now listed for sale with a great yacht broker, Kim Korman of FLORIDA COAST MARINE YACHT SALES. Her office is at Harbortown Marina, Fort Pierce and for anyone interested, her contact info is as follows:

      772-489 0110
      772-489 5888 fax


Six years ago we set out to circumnavigate this planet by yacht and what an adventure it has been! We are just now beginning to take stock of our journey, to look back at where we have been, remember the peoples we have met, recall what we have seen, felt and experienced. It seems a lifetime ago when Annette and I sailed from Kemah, Texas with DoodleBug loaded to the gunwales with supplies and the waves stretching to the beckoning horizon. When we left, the electoral battle between John Kerry and George Bush had another eleven months to run; an unknown Illinois State Senator named Barack Obama was beginning his run for the US Senate. Nobody had even heard of "American Idol" and the Dow was hovering around 10,000. What amazing changes in society since then!


For us sailors, our experiences were of the distant smudge on a horizon leading to the excitement of new landfall. Stunningly pretty anchorages with palm fringed white sand beaches. Trading with locals who had paddled out to meet us in their dug-out canoes. We will miss the fiery sunsets at sea as well as the beauty of a tranquil dawn. Glittering stars by night. The moon lighting up heaving seas. Storms and Calms. New friends from all around the world. We plan other adventures but for now at least, this one is over.  

I have rearranged the 2009 logs into a forward chronological sequence and moved them to "Trip Logs from 2009 Cruise". No pictures yet for the 2009 legs. I will try to put these up in the next few weeks.  



For those of you living on the Gulf Coast, the March 2008 issue of "Telltales" magazine contains an article I wrote titled, "2003 Harvest Moon Prequel" (Sorry - no website. They are published from Kemah, Texas and their phone number is 281-334-2202). The article describes a "shakedown run" we made shortly before we set sail on our circumnavigation. This was an overnighter and the first bad weather we had experienced since we had begun sailing.


July 18, 2007...I wrote....


I have just added a link under "trip logs" to a trip that Annette's grandparents took in the early 70s. The letters were recently discovered and I have scanned them to electronic form. The Walgrens attempted to transit Africa from South to North in a VW camper. It is interesting to compare their experiences to what is Africa today.



If you find when you click on any of the small pictures ("thumbnails") and the link is missing to the bigger picture, please let me know.

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