To download the e-Book just click on the picture and it will download - be patient! They are between 15 and 50 Mbytes apiece!

The files are in ".epub" format (EPUB is an open exchange eBook format) and I have successfully transferred them to an iPad3 by first downloading the free "Bluefire Reader" app from Apple's web-site (it worked better than Apple's iBook reader). I then used iTunes on my PC to transfer the downloaded files to the iPad3. I am sure that there are other download options but these are what I used.

Here are my steps for copying from PC to iPad

1)   connect iPad to PC   - iTunes should open up automatically.

2)   click on “devices’ on LHS (mine is labeled “Ed’s iPad”)

3)   click on “Apps” on top menu bar

4)  Highlight “Bluefire Reader at the BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN (on my set-up it appears twice and you have to scroll down to see the bottom one!!!)

5)  The window on the RHS show installed books. Click the “Add” button and browse to where you downloaded the e-books on the PC.

6)  Click “Open” to select the book you want to copy.



To transfer to the Kindle Fire, I used the free download eBook management program "Calibre". "Calibre" reads the .epub files and automatically translates them to the Kindle format.

Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 5Book 6Book 7Book 8Book 9Book 10Book 11Book 12Book 13Book 14Book 15Book 16Book 17Book 18

The Great Oz WalkaboutThe Great Oz WalkaboutThe Great Oz WalkaboutThe Great Oz WalkaboutThe Great Oz Walkabout Book 5

The Great Oz Walkabout Book 6The Great Oz Walkabout Book 7Great OZ Walkabout Book 8Great OZ Walkabout Book 9The Great OZ Walkabout Book 10

The Great OZ Walkabout Book 11

The contents of each book is listed below.

Book I 2004 Florida to Marquesas

Book II 2004 Society Islands to Cook Islands

Book III 2004 Samoa to New Zealand

Book IV 2005 New Zealand to Fiji

Book V 2005 Vanuatu to Australia

Book VI 2006 Australia, Bundaberg to Darwin

Book VII 2006 Australia, Darwin to Christmas Island

Book VIII 2006 Cocos keeling to Maldives

Book IX 2006 Oman to Eritrea

Book X 2007 Egypt

Book XI 2007 Egypt to Israel

Book XII 2007 Cyprus to Turkey

Book XIII 2008 Turkey to Greece

Book XIV 2008 Malta to Italy

Book XV 2008 Corsica to Canary Islands

Book XVI 2008/9 Canary Islands to Martinique

Book XVII 2009 Dominica to Puerto Rico

Book XVIII 2009 Turks and Caicos to Florida