What's a DoodleBug?


In the Oil industry, a "DoodleBugger" is not someone with some kind of deviant behavior but is in fact someone who works in seismic exploration.  It took us nearly six months to name DoodleBug.  I don't think it took us that long to come up with a name for two or three kids.  Ok, it was three but naming a boat is serious stuff.  Annette even bought a book on boat naming.  With offspring you have to consider what they will be called at school, how the name will sound if they adopt a new surname following marriage, if they win a Nobel prize etc.  This is easy.  With a boat name you have to consider how it will sound over the radio.

Anyway, "DoodleBug" won out over "Tootsie Pop" but it was close.

A DoodleBug is alleged to be a small dung beetle that drills a little hole with his rear end every couple of inches as he moves along.  Anyone who has any experience of seismic exploration on land will see the immediate corollary.

A DoodleBug is also the name that was given to a WW II cruise missile of German manufacture.  Yes, I knew that.  No, that ain't it.




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