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Tiara 3200 Open

Danisha, to be continued......

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Her Vital Statistics


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November 2018 -- Website Update: DoodleBug has been sold and is in the process of being replaced by "Danisha". The picture above is "borrowed" from the Tiara Company brochure. The "real" Danisha has a blue hull. I will add specifications and more pictures over the next couple of weeks.



September 2016 -- Website Update: DoodleBug has been "reloaded" and has made the transition from rental boat to cruising boat. I have moved all of the 2015 "blog" to "trip logs" which you can accessing by clicking the catamaran picture to the right. I finally ADDED PICTURES to the trip logs. I also just completed updating all of the e-Books so that the pictures display properly when using Apple's iBook app. I have tested these on an iPad3.










January 2016 -- Website Update: We have bid Australia a sad farewell for a while and our Toyota Coaster RV HAS BEEN SOLD!!! Thank You Ray at Koolah Kampers!! (see I have re-ordered the daily entries into time order, moved the trip-logs to a new page and ADDED PICTURES!!. You will find the link to the right (click on the white bus picture).










The logs of our sailing circumnavigation were moved down a level and you will find the link to the right (click on the S/V DoodleBug picture to get to the "old" web-site).







We have also "cleaned up" the sailing logs and reformatted them into .epub files, so that they may be downloaded and read at your convenience on an iPad or Kindle reader as "e-books". Because there are about 6,000 embedded photos in the original website, I needed to split the log of the cruise into 18 "volumes". To date, I have tested these eBook files on both a "Kindle Fire" and an "iPad3". Click right on the "books" icon to access the files for download.

I have also finished the task of converting the Australia "Walkabout" blog to 11 volumes of "e-books", also accessible here.







July 24, 2018

The end of this particular adventure finally arrived. We have sold Doodlebug and she has headed north towards her new family and hopefully escaping any further exposure to damaging hurricanes.

We have enjoyed playing with her and pray that her new owners will enjoy her as much as we have.



November 1, 2018

The Leopard power cat Doodlebug was perfect for what we needed at the time. Lots of room for guests. Blue water capable. Comfortable for living aboard for months at a time. However we are now spending more time ashore on the east coast of Puerto Rico, caressed by pollen-free trade winds, basking in sunshine with blue skies, fluffy clouds and just the occasional category 5 to clean out the rain gutters. Doodlebug the 47PC was just too big for our needs. I began the search for an island runabout, a “week-ender”. I wanted a vessel I could single-hand, somewhere between 30 and 35 feet LOA so that she could handle offshore conditions, plus inboard diesel engines. Once you add the last condition, the list of possible vessels decreases dramatically. Over a period of months, I looked at a 34 foot Boston Whaler Defiance (interior was trashed), a couple of Bertram’s (difficult to single hand) and almost bought a SeaRay. The latter was little used, is not really an offshore boat but was cheap. I did a full survey on the Sea Ray and it failed the oil analysis dramatically. I then found a 2005 Tiara 3200 Open in nearby Fajardo. One owner, low hours and has been meticulously cared for. The owners had named her “Danisha” after a daughter they didn’t have. They had a son instead and in lieu of sensibly trying again, they gave their chosen name to the Tiara.
And Danisha? The Urban dictionary gives the definition of Danisha as, “a really pretty girl, an amazing kisser, very nice and smart. She's always making people laugh and cheering people up, she's the perfect best friend. She's a very sensitive and very emotional person. She's friends with everyone at her school. A lot of people are jealous of her but she doesn’t let it bother her. She's a very cool person cares about everyone she meets. She loves her friends dearly. If you ever met her you'll love her.” When you read this, you can almost smell High School. I notice that the Urban dictionary is not big on spelling and the like but hey, this is the new paradigm.
Google also shows that Danisha (derivative of Daniel) is a popular Islamic name. This will be handy if we ever need to park her on a Paris boulevard.
Thus we introduce Motor Cruiser “Danisha” – she is probably too short to be considered a “Yacht” and you know the old saying, “If you don’t know whether you have a yacht or a boat, you have a boat.”
The Tiara 3200 Open is an offshore boat with inboard diesels, in this case twin turbocharged Volvo Pentas producing 370 HP each. 740 HP on a vessel weighing in at 7 tons! By comparison, Doodlebug the ketch weighed 18 tons and had an 85 HP engine. Doodlebug the Leopard Power cat weighed in at 15 tons and boasted a total of 300 HP. Danisha cruises “economically” at around 25 knots and at this speed, allegedly burns diesel at the rate of 1.25 mpg giving her a range of about 250 miles. She sleeps four in air-conditioned space with a generator providing power, has a galley with a two burner stove, fridge, freezer, microwave, TV, Vacu-flush toilet, hot and cold water, shower and water-maker. Not exactly “roughing it”.
Annette came out on the sea-trial with me and although she has a long history of motion sickness at the commencement of a voyage and indeed got queasy riding the several hundred yards between the slip in Fajardo and the travel-lift. She found that the Tiara ride at speed, with the previous owner performing his last set of maritime “doughnuts”, didn’t bother her at all. A huge sigh of relief from me. 
Our nearest “cool” beach is on the west end of the island of Vieques, supposedly has great snorkeling, the lobsters throw themselves aboard etc. and is 13 miles away - about a 30 minute run in the Tiara. Hardly time to finish the first beer;